Multidisciplinary Assessment


The MDA is a unique service which offers an integrated assessment profiling, and is available to companies, organisations and also to professional teams who work with children, teenagers and their families

The MDA is designed to assess the physical, mental and behavioural state of your child, teenager and family. The MDA also assesses attachment, development and learning potential, and thus can be used to determine optimum academic pathway (schooling) options.

The MDA is thus an holistic and comprehensive exercise that involves a number of highly experienced and qualified healthcare professionals with complimentary skills. The result is in a…

Summary Integrated Report (SIP)

which can be then be utilised for the identification and mobilisation of a locally provided integrated therapeutic and learning programme.

Basic Assessment

This is a standard 8 hour process: (spread over 2-3 days) 2 Hours per professional consultation:

The Basic Assessment is conducted by each of the following Core Team members:

Core Assessment Team

  • Senior Consultant Paediatrician
  • Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Consultant Child and Family Psychotherapist
  • Consultant Clinical Psychologist

The MDA seeks to be maximally evidence based. It therefore includes an original combination of assessment protocols, psychometrics and clinical technologies utilised by each of the core team members. These will be sent out to the clients and families prior to assessment, to mobilise our awareness of the clinical priorities. Additional experts can be involved in the assessment process where indicated.


  • The individual reports generated by the four key practitioners (and additional reports as required) are then collated into a comprehensive SIP REPORT which is made available to the client .
  • A face to face Final Feedback Meeting led by a member of the core assessment team is offered at the end of the MDA assessment to the parents.
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